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Africa's Cost Effective trenching solution

Our range of trenching services includes the sale of new and used trenching machines, trenching equipment and trenching attachments. We are the leading trenching contactors in Southern Africa and will take on work in most Southern African countries. Our hire division offers trenching machine rental.

  • Telecommunications

  • Foundations

  • Cable laying

  • Drainage systems

  • Piping systems

  • Irrigation

  • Foundation digging

  • sub soil drains

Why Trench?

1. Our service is more cost effective and efficent than any other means of trenching.
2. We offer a complete trenching service, taking the hassle out of trenching
3. We work fast. You would need 60 labours to do the same amount of digging as 1 trenching unit will do in a day.
4. Our machines have substantially less impact on the environment than a team of labourers or an excavator
5. We have assembled a team of specialized mechanics, drivers and foreman. Our machines are well maintained and reliable, We have a large fleet of trenchers to suit any application. We get the job done!
6. The soil from excavators is removed in clumps - Our trenchers grind the soil into a fine state, resulting in good backfill.
7. When an excavator digs down, unless it is fitted with lasers the trench floor will be uneven. Trenching offers not only a smooth floor, but smooth sides.


We wont be beaten on price and service!

In 1 day one of our trenchers will dig the same distance as 60 workers digging with shovels.