We specialize in trenching projects and trenching machine sales, service and hire throughout Southern Africa. We offer a complete solution to all your trenching needs.
Our trenching service included Delivery Digging Laying Filling Compaction and the best service and advice! Our machines can dig widths of 150 to 400mm and up to 1.2meters deep. We are able to trench at gradients of up to 30 degrees. We use a system to Trench known as chain trenching. Our rates are based on the quality of the soil being trenched. The better the soil the fast the chain trencher can cut. We are able to cut thro mediums as tough as asphalt and lose rock. Our bigger trenching units have the option of a back hoe for removing large rocks and other blockages.

Walk behind trencher cutting trenches for the laying of speed camera cables on the national road. Ditch witch in action preparing a trench for an agricultural irrigation system

Trench cut through asphalt on the site of the national road Trench being cut by a ditch with in preparation for the instillation of an irrigation system in Maputo, Mozambique

Our fleet of machines includes various chain driven Ditch witch and Vermeer chain trenchers. As well as TLBs, Bob cats, Trench rammers, Rollers and tip trucks. We can also supply breakers and concrete cutter for surface preparation before trenching begins
We have various sized trenching units. The smaller walks behind models are ideal for smaller tighter trenching around houses and on construction sites. The bigger operator driven units are ideal for open spaces and long distance usually associated with irrigation and telecoms.

Cutting sub soil drains in a rocky road in the Drakensburg KZN